Franklin Central Bands

The Franklin Central Band's activities are only possible with the involvement of parent volunteers.  Franklin Central Band parents have a proud tradition of volunteerism. It's a great way to be part of the program and spend some extra time with your kids!​

Questions? Contact Karen Smith, Event Coordinator (

Hosted Events

Hosting competitions at Franklin Central supplies 20% of our budget. This funding keeps our band fees stable and impacts every band and guard family. Our school is a choice hosting location because of the welcoming and helpful environment created by our volunteers, and also for our professionalism and preparedness. We set an example of competition hosting that is admired across Indiana and beyond.

Volunteer Background Check

All volunteers are required by Franklin Township Community School Corporation to complete the SafeVisitor background check. Please click the link below and follow the instructions. The cost is $16.00. Be sure to download the app so you can track when your renewal date approaches.

​Contact Tatia Kortepeter if you need to confirm that your background check is current or have questions about exemptions.

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