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Fundraising for YOU - all year round! No selling, no spending extra time or money… just everyday purchases turned into earnings. All of the money you earn goes straight to your student’s band account to use toward their band fees.

RaiseRight offer hundreds of top gift cards. Here are a few of the most popular. 

How does it work?

Rebates earned are added to your RaiseRight account. Once a month the RaiseRight Coordinator sends a rebate report to the Treasurer so the funds can be applied to your student’s band account. This will show as a credit line item on your monthly statement.

The easiest way to earn is by downloading the RaiseRight app on your phone so you can purchase on the go!

Who can use it?

Any parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, or neighbor can sign up for an account to help raise money for your student. They don’t have to live in Indianapolis in order to use it, either! With the convenience of the RaiseRight app, out of town friends and relatives can help you earn too!

How much can I earn?

Really, that is up to you! The more you use, the more you earn. Many of our families have offset their fees by as much as HALF just by using RaiseRight. 

Ready to start earning? 

​The FC Bands RaiseRight Enrollment Code is 25L247LL17153

Sign up now at

Need help creating an account?

Download instructions HERE

Find more helpful info:

What is Scrip Fundraising? Learn How it Works • RaiseRight

Questions? Contact Jessica Lee, RaiseRight Coordinator, at

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